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Invoicing/ Facturación


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  1. to bill/ facturar
  2. cash/ efectivo, al contado
  3. conditions /condiciones
  4. copy/ copia
  5. delayed/ atrasado
  6. deposit/ seña, depósito
  7. discount/ descuento
  8. due date, deadline/ vencimiento
  9. to extend/ extender
  10. extension/ prórroga
  11. to get paid, to charge/ cobrar
  12. gross/ bruto
  13. in advance/ por adelantado, anticipado
  14. initial payment/ pago inicial
  15. installment/ cuota
  16. interest/ interés
  17. invoice/ factura
  18. method of payment/ forma de pago
  19. net/ neto
  20. on time/ a tiempo
  21. paid/ pagado
  22. payment/ pago
  23. per unit/ unitario
  24. period/ plazo
  25. to give personal credit/ fiar
  26. price/ precio
  27. proof/ comprobante
  28. purchase/ compra
  29. quantity/ cantidad
  30. receipt/ recibo
  31. sale/ venta
  32. sales tax/ IVA
  33. sum/ importe
  34. total amount/ monto total, suma total


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