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Whenever you see , audio is available. Click on an underlined word for audio. (All underlined Spanish words have audio, and all underlined English words are links). However, to hear the word again, it is recommended to click on the PLAY (>) button of the audio player displayed instead of clicking on the word over and over again.

Requirements: Your computer needs to be equipped with a sound card, speakers, and a wave file and mp3 player (usually your computer comes with this last feature installed).

Problems with audio: If you experience problems with audio, first check the volume level of your speakers, and make sure that the player is activated.

Activating player: To activate your media player follow these steps:

1) Go to Control Panel,

2) Go to Multimedia,

3) Then select the Audio tab,

4) On Preferred Device, select Voice Modem Wave#00 line,

5) Then click OK.

Updating your media player: We are in the process of updating our wav files with mp3 files because the downloading time is shorter. If your media player does not support mp3 format, please update it. Here are a few of the most popular media players update site, where FREE downloads are available:

1) Windows Media Player for Windows 95 & 98:

Once you select the appropriate operating system, scroll down until you find Windows Media Player:

URL: http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/R543/v31site/x86/w98/en/thanksstart.htm


2) Real Player:

URL: http://proforma.real.com/real/player/player.html?src=downloadr,000914rpchoice_c2_nite&dc=918917916


If you still have problems, contact your IT person.


Business Spanish

PS: It is recommended to follow this advice for any Internet audio programs:-)




QuickTime that supports mp3 and wav file formats is needed to play our lessons. Therefore, if you have an older version, please update it. For FREE download and updates, click HERE

  • QuickTime's Technical support site
  • Call Apple customer support & explain your problems to them. Their toll free # 1-800-500-7078 in the USA and at 1-800-263-3394 (or 1-905-513-5803) in Canada.



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