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Business Spanish: Offers daily FREE online lessons. Two new lessons are added every weekday, 520 lessons in a year. They cover over 100 business themes, grammar rules, cultural notes, vocabulary with audio, and much more. You will find the lessons concise yet very effective.

Babylon Spanish translator:

  • Version 2.0| File size: 5.5 MB| License: Free | Requirements: Windows 3.X, 8MB RAM
  • This program's linguistic database contains more than 3 million expressions and terms. By a right-click on any word, the user can obtain an instant and accurate translation.


The programs are ordered in alphabetical order. Click on a title to download.

BuenSoft Spanish

  • Version 1.2 | File size: 3MB | License: BuenSoft (shareware $30)|
  • This is a listening-based Windows package composed of scrambled phrases, hangman, flashcards, pair-matching, written and multiple-choice quizzes, and other word games. Subjects include numbers, days, months and daily expressions.

Proof reader

  • License: $79.95 by Alki | For Windows 95 and NT
  • This Spellchecker works great with MS Word; however, it is not very complete. It fails to correct explicit accentuation of basic words; manual correction is required.

Entente Spanish

  • Version 1.5| File size: 220 K| License: freeware, Entente Corp. | Requirements: DOS 3.0+
  • This is a two-way English/Spanish conversational translator. It translates word for word, but does not conjugate. It might look odd, but is understandable.

Learn Spanish

  • License: freeware, University of Calgary
  • This is a DOS fill-in-the-blank program that contains about eighteen units. Each unit is split into five or six topics, and the interface is just okay.


  • Version 2.7 | File size: 493 K | License: shareware $40, Schulenberg & Ass.
  • It offers flashcard program for learning vocabulary, sentences and parts of speech and verbs. It includes a small dictionary and verb reference facility. The unregistered version has about 140 of 9,000 verbs, and the first four of eighteen units from the FSI's Basic Spanish Course.


Spanish Helper

  • Version 2.3 | File size: 477 KB | License: shareware $29.95, Braser Soft | A DOS version (V1.7) is also available
  • This is an interactive Windows program that quizzes you on vocabulary, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank. It has about 1,000 most common Spanish words and allows the entry of word lists. The trial version contains only level 1. Registration entitles you to access to levels 2 and 3.


  • Version 2.1 | License: shareware $5, S. Olson |
  • This is Basic Windows 95 program that "works by quizzing you on a list of questions (up to 200 at a time) that YOU input. SpanQuiz will continue asking you the questions you got wrong until you have answered all the questions with a correct answer"

Spell & Pronounce Spanish Words

  • Version 1.5 | File size: 161 KB | License: shareware $25, Computer Specialties|
    This program covers 21 categories with basic flashcard style vocabulary drills, that includes a pronunciation guide.

Talking Spanish for Windows

  • Version 1.0 | License: shareware $39, DareWare |
  • This program is good for kids. They'll learn to speak, read, and spell easily.

Ultimate Language Tutor: Spanish

  • Version 1.02 | File size: 90Kb) | License: shareware $20, Ultimate Software|
  • This contains bi-directional and multiple choice translations of nouns, phrases, and verb conjugations. It allows up to 9 people to compete in games and graphs the results.

Ventanas: Spanish for Windows

  • Version 2.1 | File size: 1.9MB | License: shareware $30, PsL |
  • This is an English-Spanish dictionary and language tutorial for Windows. It contains verb conjugations. Each word is given its proper part of speech and relevant phrases can be viewed.


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