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Control de Calidad I /Quality Control

AUDIO: Click on an underlined word for audio; to hear the word again, click on the PLAY button of the audio player to maximize the use of your computer's resources. More info.

WORDS TO LEARN: Please, repeat aloud each example.

eficaz ( adj ) efficient
inspeccionar ( reg ) to inspect
empaquetar ( reg ) to package
calidad ( f ) quality
muestra ( f ) sample



PASSIVE VOICE: General rules and how to form it. Review rules.


First, click on normal for audio. While it is being downloaded, select the option you consider the most appropriate within the context of the sentence. Click on the arrow for your choices. Please, repeat each example aloud.


1. La calidad por el fabricante.

2. Las muestras

3. Susana es la más admirada todos por su rapidez y eficacia

4. Este producto es el más vendido todos por su calidad superior.

5. La tarea por nuestro equipo.


For answers and translations, click HERE




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