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Generally hacer means to do or to make. It is conjugated as a regular -er verb, except for yo, which ends in -go.

yo/ I hago hice haré haría
tú/ you haces hiciste harás harías
él, ella, Ud./ he, she, you hace hizo hará haría
nosotros/ we hacemos hicimos haremos haríamos
vosotros/you hacéis hicisteis haréis haríais
ellos, Uds./ they, you hacen hicieron harán harían



LESSONS: Human Resources I & Human Resources Ia

1. Hace + time + que + present tense verb

This expression indicates how much time has passed since the action has started, but it has NOT concluded yet. A similar expression is Verb in Present tense + desde hace + time.


Hace más de dos meses que busco trabajo. It's been over 2 months since I started looking for a job.
Busco trabajo desde hace dos meses. I have been looking for a job for 2 months.
Estudio finanzas hace tres meses. I've been studying Finance for 3 months.
Estudio finanzas desde hace tres meses.

NOTE: The hace expression may be placed at the beginning or end of a sentence. If it is placed at the beginning, que is required.

LESSONS: Human Resources II & Human Resources IIa.

2. Hace + time + que + Preterit tense verb

This expression is equivalent to the English expression ago and indicates the time that passed since an action was finished.


LESSONS: Human Resources III & Human Resources IIIa.

3. Hacía + time + que + Imperfect tense verb

This expression indicates the time that passed since an action started in the past, but it had continued at a certain time in the past.


LESSONS: Human Resources IV & Human Resources IVa.

4. Hacer is used to expression weather


For more examples, CLICK here.


1. Hacer caso/ to obey or listen.

2. Hacer la(s) maleta (s)/ to pack.

3. Hacer cola/ to stand in line.

4. Hacer daño/ to harm.

5. Hacer escala/ to stop (airplane).

6. Hacer falta/ to be necessary.

Hace falta que llueva./ It needs rain. ( It's very necessary to rain.)

7. Hacer favor/ to do a favor.

8. Hacer frente/ to face.

9. Hacer gestos./ to gesture.

10. Hacer el papel/ to play the role (actors).

11. Hacer pedazos/ to tear into pieces.

12. Hacer pedido/ to place an order.

13. Hacer (una) pregunta/ to ask a question.

14. Hacer saber/ to inform, make known.

15. Hacer señas/ to signal.

16. Hacer (un) viaje/ to take a trip.

17. Hacer (una) visita/ to pay a visit.

18. Hacerse/ to become.

19. Hacerse daño/ to hurt (oneself).

20. Hacerse (el) sordo/ to play deaf.

21. Hacerse (el) vivo/ to be clever (negative connotation).

22. Hacerse pasar por/ to pretend to be.

23. Hacerse tarde/ to get late.

LESSONS: Human Resources V & Human Resources Va.


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