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Tener is equivalent to the verb to have or to possess. It follows the pattern of e:ie stem-changing verbs, with the exception of yo/ I, which ends in -go.


yo/ I tengo tuve tendré tendría
tú/ you tienes tuviste tendrás tendrías
él, ella, Ud./ he, she, you tiene tuvo tendrá tendría
nos./ we tenemos tuvimos tendremos tendríamos
vos./you teneis tuvisteis tendréis tendríais
ellos, Uds./ they, you tienen tuvieron tendrán tendrían


1. Tener + que

This expression is equivalent to the English expression to have to (do something).


NOTE: Tener que is followed by an infinitive.


2. The simplest way of expressing possession is by using tener/ to have.


3. In Spanish, tener is used for indicating age. On the other hand, in English the verb to be is used for telling age.



4. Tener + noun

This expression is used for describing states, but in English to be is commonly used.

a. Tener calor/ to be hot

b. Tener éxito/ to be successful

c. Tener frío/ to be cold

d. Tener celos/ to be jealous

e. Tener cuidado/ to be careful

f. Tener hambre/ to be hungry

g. Tener la culpa/ to be at fault

h. Tener miedo/ to be afraid, scared

i. Tener paciencia/ to be patient

j. Tener presente/ to keep in mind

Ten presente el consejo de mamá./ Keep in mind mother's advice.

k. Tener prisa/ to be in a hurry

l. Tener razón/ to be right, correct

m. Tener sed/ to be thirsty

n. Tener sueño/ to be sleepy

o. Tener suerte/ to be lucky

p. Tener vergüenza/ to be ashamed

More expressions:

1. Tener que ver con/ to have to do with

2. Tener catarro, resfrío/ to have a cold

3. Tener derecho/ to have the right

4. Tener en cuenta/ to take into account

5. Tener lugar/ to take place, to have space

6. Tener ganas de (+ infinitive)/ to feel like

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