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Each verb is fully conjugated. The subject pronouns are as follows:

yo/ I
nosotros (masculine), nosotras (femenine)/ we
(informal), usted (formal)/ you

vosotros (mas),vosotras (fem), ustedes/ you

él/ he, ella/ she ellos, ellas/ they


A TOP (Top of the page)

abalear / to shoot

abandonar / to abandon

abanicar / to fan

abatir / to throw down, to knock down, to overthrow

abarcar / to cover

abastecer / to supply

aberrar / to err, to be mistaken

abdicar / to abdicate

ablandar / to soften

abofetear / to slap (in the face)

abogar / to defend, to champion

abollar / to dent

abominar / to abominate

abonar / to pay, to buy a subscription

abolir / to abolish

abordar / to board

abortar / to abort

abrasar / to burn, to set on fire

abrazar / to embrace, to hug; to encircle (tronco, columna)

abreviar / to abbreviate

abrigar / to wrap (con ropa), to be warm (ropa)

abrillantar / to shine, to make shinny

abrir / to open

abrochar / to fasten

abrogar / to abrogate

abrumar / to overwhelm

absorber / to absorb

absolver / to absolve, to acquit (to find not guilty)

abstenerse / abstain; de + infinite = to refrain from

abuchear / to boo

abultar / to bulge up, to beef up

abundar / to abound

aburrir / to bore

abusar / to abuse

acabar / to complete, to finish, to end, to just have done something.

acachetear / to slap

acallar / to silence, to quiet

acampar / to camp

acanalar / to groove, to flute, to corrugate

acaparar / to hoard, to stockpile

acariciar / to caress, to stroke

acarrear / to carry, to give rise

acartonar / to make wizened

acatar / to obey, to comply with

accionar / to pull, trigger, to operate

acaudillar / to lead

acceder / to gain access to, to access

acechar / to lie in wait for

aceitar / to oil

acelerar / to accelerate, to speed up

acendrar / to refine

acentuar / to stress/accent (palabras), to accentuate/emphasize

acerar / to coat in steel

aceptar / to accept

acercar / to get close, to bring closer

acertar / to get right, to be right

acezar / to puff and pant

achantar / to intimidate

achatar / to flatten

achicar / to take in

acidificar / to acidify

aclamar / to acclaim, to applaud

aclarar / to clear up/ break/ dawn (tiempo), to lighten (color)

acobardar / to unnerve, to intimidate

acoger / to take in (huérfano)

acogotar / to choke, to strangle

acolchar / to quilt, to pad

acollar / to earth up

acometer / to attack

acomodar / to accommodate, to adapt, to put up

acompañar / to accompany, to escort, to go with, to keep company

acompasar / to keep in step

acomplejar / to give a complex

aconsejar / to advise, to counsel

acoplar / to put together

acopiar / to stockpile

acordar / to agree upon, to remember

acosar / to hound

acostumbrar / to be used to, to be accustomed

acreditar / to accredit, to authorize

acribillar / to riddle, to bombard

acriminar / to incriminate

acrisolar / to refine (metal), to purify

acriminar / to incriminate

acromatizar / to achromatize

activar / to activate

actuar / to act

acuatizar / to land in the sea

acuartelar / to billet, to quarter

acuchillar / to slash, to cut open, to stab

acuciar / to plague, to pester

acuitar / to afflict

acudir / to attend, to respond (to a call), to come to the rescue

acumular / to accumulate

acunar / to rock

acuñar / to mint (moneda)

acusar / to accuse

adaptar / to adapt

adecentar / to straighten up, to tidy up

adecuar / to adjust

adelantar / to advance, to go ahead, to keep on, to progress

adelgazar / to slim down

aderezar / to season, to dress ( ensalada )

adeudar / to owe

adicionar / to add

adiestrar / to train ( animal )

aditar / to add

adjetivar / to use adjectivally

adjudicar / to award, to allocate

adjuntar / to enclose, to attach

adivinar / to find out, to guess, to foretell, to predict

administrar / to manage, to run, to administer

admirar / to admire

admitir / to admit

adoctrinar / to indoctrinate

adoptar / to adopt

adorar / to adore, to worship

adornar/ to adorn

adquirir / to acquire, to get, to obtain

advertir / to warn, to notice (notar)

afanar / to rob, to steal

afiliar / to make a member, to enroll

afinar / to tune, to refine

afirmar / to state, to declarer

afligir / to afflict

aflojar / to loosen

aflorar / to surface

afluir / to flock, to flow

aforar / to assess, to value

aforrar / to hit (pegar), -se ( to make a mint or fortune )

afrentar / to insult, to affront

afrontar / to face up to, to face

agachar / to lower

agarrar / to grab, to grasp, to seize, to catch, to clutch, to obtain

agarrochar / to goad

agarrotar / to garrote

agasajar / to celebrate, to give honor

agitar / to shake, to cause unrest in (sociedad/ país)

agotar / to run out, to exhaust, to use up, to wear out, to tire out

agradar / to be pleasing, to please

agradecer / to thank, to be thankful for

agrandar / to enlarge, to increase, to grow larger

agravar / to aggravate, to make worse

agregar / to add, to attach, to join

agrupar / to group, to divide or put (en grupos)

aguardar / to wait for, to await (acontecimiento, noticias, destino)

ahogar / to drown (agua), to choke (aire)

ahondar / to make deeper

ahorcar / to hang (persona)

ahorquillar / to prop up

ahorrar / to save, to economize, to spare (molestia)

ahuchar / to urge on

ahuecar / to hollow out

ahumar / to smoke

ahuyentar / to frighten off

airar / to anger

airear / to air

aislar / to isolate, to insulate (electricidad)

ajar / to crease

ajardinar / to landscape

ajuiciar / to bring to his/her sense

ajuntar / to be friends with

ajustar / to adjust

ajusticiar / to execute

alabar / to praise

alabear / to warp

alambrar / to fence, to wire

alardear / to boast

alargar / to let down, to lengthen

alarmar / to alarm

albergar / to house, to accommodate

alborear / to dawn

alborotar / to make a racket, to incite

alborozar / to rejoice

alcahuetear / to gossip

alcanzar / to reach, to catch up (llegar a la altura), to hit (bala, misil), achieve (metas)

alear / to alloy

alebrestar / to startle

aleccionar / to lecture

alegar / to argue, to complain

alegrar / to make happy

alinear / to align

allegar / to bring closer

almacenar / to store

almorzar / to have lunch

alquilar / to rent, to hire (in British English)

alumbrar / to illuminate, to light, to put or cast a spell (tratar de hechizar)

alzar / to raise (things), to lift, to erect (edificio / monumento), to tidy up (casa -México)

amadrinar / to be godmother

amamantar / to breast feed

amar / to love

amargar / to spoil, to make bitter (persona)

amarrar / to tie up

amartillar / to hammer

amasar / to knead, to amass

amenazar / to threaten

ampliar / to expand, to increase

analizar / to analyze

andar / to go, to walk ( -España)

anotar / to take notes, to annotate

anunciar / to announce, to make public, promote/advertise (producto)

anular / to annul, to cancel

añadir / to add

añejar / to age, to mature (vino, queso)

añorar / to yearn for, to long for

apaciguar / to pacify

apadrinar / to be godfather

apagar / to turnoff, to put out, to extinguish, to quench (sed)

apalear / to beat, to batter

aparecer / to appear, to show up, to turn up (objeto perdido)

apilar / to pile up

aplaudir / to applaud

aplicar / to apply (maquillaje), to administer (vacuna), to impose (sanción), to put into practice (sistema)

apocar / to make smaller, to diminish, to feel small (humillado)

apoderar / to empower

apreciar / to appreciate, to appraise, to esteem, to see (percibir)

aprender / to learn

aprobar / to approve, to pass (ley/moción), to endorse (plan, acuerdo)

aprovechar / to make use of, to take advantage of (positive meaning)

apurar / to hurry up

armar / to arm

arrancar / to to pull out/up, to tear off/out, to snatch, to root out/up, to start

arrestar / to arrest

arreglar / to fix, to arrange, to mend, repair, to tidy up (casa), to sort out

arrojar / to throw, to fling, to hurl

articular / to articulate, to draw up/ formulate (reglamento)

asaltar / to assault, to attack, to rob

asegurar / to assure, to affirm, to assert, to insure (autos), to secure

asentar / to seat, to set down

asesinar / to assassinate, to murder

asignar / to assign

asir / to seize, to grab

asistir / to assist, to attend, to be present

asomar / to appear slowly

asombrar / to amaze, to astonish

aspirar / to breathe in, to inhale

atacar / to attack

atar / to tie, to bind

atraer / to attract

atravesar / to go through, to cross (frontera/ río)

atribuir / to attribute

autorizar / to authorize

avanzar / to advance, to wind on (rollo), to progress (proyecto)

averiguar / to find out

avisar / to let know

ayudar / to help, to aid, to assist

ayunar / to fast, to go without food

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